Picutres from the Street

Here are some pictures from the street.   I decided not to get a driver to take me to the downtown part of the city, as I’ll be doing that tomorrow, when I meet a friend, Shakun, another disciple of Ma Indira Devi.   So, I went back out here: 


8 thoughts on “Picutres from the Street

  1. Beautiful pictures, Michael. I’m glad you arrived safely and that your adventure has begun. It’s lovely to have the updates on what you’re doing. K.

    • Thanks, Kathe. It’s fun being able to stay in touch with people in this way. We miss you guys already, but I”m so glad you all made it to the sunny south of Tucson. We can’t wait to come and visit. Good luck with moving in and getting ready for your travels! M

  2. Michael–
    I’m so much enjoying your updates–and particularly these pictures. Thanks for bringing your friends along an this grand adventure!


    • Thanks, Jennifer! It’s fun doing the blog, my first time at it. I really like being able to include the photos. Evidently, you can also include videos and slide shows, so who knows, those things may be coming.
      I wanted to say how much we LOVE how you painted your house. It makes the whole street look like a story book lane. I know it must have been scary to settle on a color! It looks great, and the red door really cinched it! Enjoy the Logan summer! M

  3. We love the pictures. It is just what I imagined the streets would look like, all color and texture. Travel safely to Pune today. J, a, and k

  4. Hey Michael, I love your blog! I feel like I am right there with you. Tomorrow I will go see mom and I will make sure she knows how to get to your blog. She will love reading it to Eileen. Thanks for sharing your journey, it is so exciting and lovely.

    • Thanks, Nancy. As I said to my friend, Jim, I feel like I’m in a dream–like I’ve come to the center of the universe.
      It’s fun to be able to share it with you. I think Mom has found the blog. More soon. Thanks, Michael

  5. Hi Michael,
    At the Fri sit we asking Jennifer if she had heard from you yet. And of course she said yes!, and said go check out your blog. You didn’t waste any time! Great stories and pics. It must feel like you are in a foreign country : ). First of all, congrats surviving 25 hrs! I would have loved to hear the sitar music. Keep the commentary and photos coming, please.

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