more photos from today’s visit to town and temple

This is cool!   Michael gets blessed by holy temple elephant.  You hold out a coin, the elephant gives you his trunk, you put the coin in his trunk, he pats you on the head with his trunk.  Hari Ganesha!  Then, the elephant gives the coin to the seated man.  It’s usually wet!

Oops. Time to go to mid morning rest in temple palm groves.Front gate of the Temple

Front gate of the Temple

Here are some kinds down a little alley that wanted their picture taken!

More cute kids

Here comes a bull pulling a cart full of bananas. I love how they paint the cow's horns!

Just one small part of temple complex


Outside the ashram, I get photographed with one of the begging-sadus (holy men) that hang out in front of the ashram gates.  Note auto advertisement above the wall — with photo of Ramana Maharishi!   Worlds collide.

The big temple is downtown, the ashram on the edge of town.



2 thoughts on “more photos from today’s visit to town and temple

  1. I think it would be cooler if the elephant wore vestments and you had to take bread and wine from it. 🙂

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