Some photos from the ashram and hike up to cave of mountain.

Dear Friends,

These posts are a little haphazard, as I wanted to get some photos posted (especially for my boys), and these keyboards at this internet cafe are impossible to type on.  So, these three posts are not very narrative, not well-organized, or even explained all that well.   But I hope you’ll enjoy the photos.   I have a narrative that covers a couple of days ago that I’m going to post next!

Thanks for reading!

Here’s the downtown temple complex from half way up the mountain where the caves are where RM meditated in solitude for some 22 years.

Monkey in the trees outside my room!

Here’s the temple complex from the top of the mountain!   I’ll include soon a story of the day of the climb and the day visiting the temple and town.

Monkey outside my room.


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