Back in Mumbai, To Pick Up My Family

A taxi brought me the three hours from Pune to Mumbai, so I can meet my family at the Mumbai airport tonight at 11:30.  A very nice driver named, Shankar, brought me.  After we said goodbye, I felt I should have tipped him more than I did.  I never know exactly what amount one should tip.  2011-02-22-CentralMumbaiskyline





Mumbai_704x385 Mumbai_skyline88907











I just can’t wait to see my family!   The poor things will be so tired after some 30 hours flying time.  Boys

Since becoming a father, I have realized how deep a parent’s bond is to their children, a feeling of an almost physical connection.  In one of my poems, I have a line that refers to “this animal belonging-together.”   It’s like that.  You feel connected on a cellular, instinctual, animal level.  When I’m away from them, I feel some
physical part of me has been severed.  wolfpack






Probably because of being away from them, in reading the news these past weeks, I have been feeling especially sad for the parents of the children lost in the South Korean ferry disaster.  I can’t imagine what they must be going through.  article-2610136-1D40F0B700000578-49_634x419






In a text from Amsterdam, Jennifer told me that poor Kellen threw up on the plane to the Netherlands.  But I was so glad to hear that they made it safely there.  Now, they’re on their final flight.

After my very hot, three-hour drive, I’m back at the West End hotel, in south Mumbai, not that close to the airport, but the Fulbright folks suggested it again, so I went for it.   I think we’ll stay for two nights, so Jennifer and the boys will have a free day tomorrow and we can see the Gate of India and some sights I saw three years ago when I first came.   Here are a couple of pics from my first trip.








026The Gate of India is where everyone arrived by boat before the days of air travel.   It’s on the Arabian Sea, and of course Americans and Europeans had to go through the Suez Canal to get down here.  A pretty cool adventure it must have been.


Everywhere I go I am so impressed at how kind and friendly the Indian people are.  The folks at the United States-India Education Foundation have been especially amazing.  Here’s a shout-out to Sachin and Amrita, who have helped make this trip smooth-sailing so far!

Four more hours and I get to see Jennifer and the boys!



3 thoughts on “Back in Mumbai, To Pick Up My Family

  1. Ripped apart, torn, tattered
    A broken heart, a life shattered
    Into pieces of memory
    Memory gives no peace
    A dream come true
    Is only a dream

    Picture perfect, becomes only a picture
    When the piece of perfection
    Is at peace

    I dream of a mended heart
    Three halves brought together again
    I picture it perfect
    A picture of us in heaven


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