Jennifer’s Mother’s Day In Dharamsala

Today we circumambulated the temple and had coffee and treats at a cafe in McLeod Ganj (the name of the actual town where the Dalai Lama’s temple is, on a hill above Dharamsala).   We saw several mothers along the way.   It was a rainy day.  Last night thunder went off outside our cottage like a canon.  Jennifer and I both bolted straight upright yelling something

Mother and daughter on the pilgrim trail

Mother and daughter on the pilgrim trail


At our favorite cafe

At our favorite cafe


Momma and baby

Momma and baby

IMG_1541 IMG_1543 IMG_1544 IMG_1545 IMG_1547


3 thoughts on “Jennifer’s Mother’s Day In Dharamsala

  1. Awesome blog Michael!! Happy to find it. Yes.. thunder was so loud last night, I am staying in Bhagsu (next town up to McLeod Ganj) currently doing a Yoga Teacher training, before returning to NYC. I could swear I saw you guys last wednesday around the temple. Hmm.. Hope your enjoying your stay and happy mothers day to Jennifer.

    • Hi Marce! So nice to make your acquaintance! We’ll be here for two months. I go up to the temple every morning and the the family, every few days. My wife, Jennifer, is an early morning runner. You may see her around. Hope to run into you! We went to the dance festival at the TIPA –crazy experience for our boys!

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