Reveling in Being Home, Jennifer to the Hospital, A Murder in Logan

Dear Friends,

We are all so thrilled to be home!   To drink water out of the tap, to take a bath, to eat plums and peaches and nectarines without peeling, to eat salads, to look out our front windows at the neighborhood street  and see no traffic, no trash, no cow dung, smell no fumes, not worry about Aidan and Kellen getting run over, to hike my trail up the ridges of Green Canyon, to sleep in our own bed, to have uninterrupted WiFi!, to feel the dry heat of the West, to see the magnificent green mountains of Logan, the wonderful clouds, to have all of our regular things in our house.  Our espresso maker!    It’s just amazing!
























But, Sunday night Jennifer was up again with vomiting and diarrhea.   Monday morning she was completely wiped out and could not get out of bed.   So, we took her to the ER.   They gave her an IV and two liters of fluid.   Started her on a new antibiotic.  Doctor Bates, a young doctor, one of the nicest I have ever met–one who has visited 30 countries doing relief work, including India–understood everything about the situation.  They took blood and bathroom samples and we should hear by tomorrow the results of the tests.   Jennifer is much better.  She’s even going to run today.  Antibiotics really are miracle drugs.

Aidan and I are still not quite 100%.   Once we get the tests back on Jennifer, we may both go in and get further checked out.

Yesterday, there was a murder-suicide in Logan.    A recent poli-sci graduate forced his way into an apartment where a student and her friend were inside.   He killed them both, then went to another apartment where he thought he would find a man he thought she was involved with.

These things do not happen in India.   In India even the police, as is true in Britain, do not carry firearms.   Even though India is one-third the size of the US and has over a billion people crammed into it, these kinds of shootings do not happen there.  Other kinds of crimes do take place, of course.  But gun violence seems uniquely Western, perhaps uniquely American.  One Indian paper I was reading referred to the “epidemic of gun violence in America.”  The great majority of the incidence of gun violence, as in this case, involves people who know each other, only a very small percentage occurs among strangers, as in the case of a burglar or armed robbery.

Our hearts go out to the families of all of those affected by this tragedy.



One thought on “Reveling in Being Home, Jennifer to the Hospital, A Murder in Logan

  1. Such terrible news, and I’m sorry to hear that Jennifer got sick. Seems almost like she stayed strong all through the India trip to be there for all of you going through your sicknesses, and then crashed as soon as she got home! I always felt that Utah doctors rivaled the ones here in our Boston area, so I’m so relieved to hear she’s in good hands and out running. It really is so good to be home!

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